Bayleef is a grass type that evolved from Chikorita. Bayleef stands 3 feet 11 inches tall, and weighs 34.8 pounds.

Evolution Edit

Baleef is the evolved form of Chikorita, and yet evolves again into Meganium at level 32.

Appearance Edit

Bayleef is a yellow, dinosaur-like Pokémon. Around its neck are several small leaves that Bayleef can shoot at opponents. There is also a large leaf on its head, which it inherits from its pre-evolution, Chikorita. This Pokémon is derived from a sauropod. It is very outgoing like Chikorita, but is more cautious. It looks up to Meganium and other grass types for knowledge. It will hide from danger and have its mother fend for her young. If anything to happen to the mother, it won't take care of its siblings, and rather join other grass types for protection, or join a herd of traveling Meganium. There have been instances where Chikorita joined groups of Jumpluff for help. Bayleef often can fend for themselves.

Ability Edit

Bayleef has the ability Overgrow, which allows the user to do 150% more damage when its HP is equal to or below 30%

Pokedex Entries Edit


The scent of spices comes from around its neck. Somehow, sniffing it makes you want to fight.


A spicy aroma emanates from around its neck. The aroma acts as a stimulant to restore health.


The scent that wafts from the leaves on its neck causes anyone who smells it to become energetic.